Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope is a community group for suicide loss survivors.

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope is a group for suicide loss survivors. 

When my son, Zachary Charles Harper, ended his own life in March of 2016 at the age of 14, I entered into the emotionally and spiritually darkest time of my life. I am doing much better today thanks to some exceptional counseling, family support, and the help of a support group. Even though we had to travel to Harrisonburg for our monthly meetings, we were glad to do so, as the support, empathy, and love we received from this group was essential to our healing. Changing work schedules do not allow us to attend anymore, but we still stay in contact with friends from this group.

Why the name Ray of Hope? 

Life after a suicide loss is the darkest time of life spiritually, mentally, and physically. Sometimes, we feel as if there is nobody else who understands what we are going through. “I feel completely alone in a crowded room” is a common feeling. In those dark, lonely times, one small ray of light can bring us hope.

Why Ray of Hope in Front Royal?  

1) A support group was incredibly helpful to us on our journey of healing.

2) There is a need in this area for such a group.

3) When we begin this grief journey, we need someone to be a ray of hope for us.

4) As we experience healing in our own lives, we are able to be a ray of hope for someone else.

Our goal is to have this space be a safe place where everyone is free to share, experience no judgement and will have the same level of anonymity that is in a 12 step group. Talking will be a big part of what we do, but we will also help each other with resources that have helped us - books, podcasts, counselors, etc.  

This group is open to anyone. No affiliation with our church (VA Hills) is needed to attend.

The group will meet (starting 6/5) the 1st Saturday evening of the month

at 6:00pm at the Virginia Hills Front Royal church building

Located at 737 Rockland Road Front Royal, VA 22630.

Please fill out the following form so that the group coordinator can communicate with you!

For any questions or more information, contact William Harper at